MyDCIS Book Chapter Series 5

Exploring Information Systems Research Boundaries (EISRB) – Series 5–
(eISBN: 978-967-17741-1-3)
Information System is associated with the fields of computer science, business and management, which strategically focuses on the design, deployment and impact of ICT to the individual, society and also businesses. The diversified nature of IS has brought about the interactions between the technological system and the social system, hence fostering various interdisciplinary research to a wider perspective.

In Malaysia, the IS research community is led by the Malaysia Association for Information Systems (MyAIS), which is also one of the international chapters with the Association for Information Systems (AIS). AIS is an international, non-profit professional association that undertakes the mission to serve society through the advancement of knowledge and the promotion of excellence in the practice and study of information systems. As a leader in Malaysia IS community, MyAIS always works closely with faculty, school, or research group from the public and private universities to synergize the expertise for the purpose of research, publication, and commercialization.

In promoting research and knowledge-sharing culture among the IS community, MyAIS has successfully organized the fifth Malaysian Doctoral Consortium for Information Systems on 8th October 2022. Twelve research proposals are accepted, and all these proposals are now available as a Book Chapter on MyAIS website. This Book Chapter entitles “EXPLORING INFORMATION SYSTEMS RESEARCH BOUNDARIES (EISRB) – SERIES 5” serves as valuable insights to researchers and practitioners, as well as those who are interested in the IS domain to know the current IS research in Malaysia. The list of chapters are as follows:

Chapter Title Author Page
1 Malaysian Freelance Developer: Investigating Determinants and Impacts of Software Reuse Development Practice Mohd Akmal Faiz Osman, Mohamad Noorman Masrek, Khalid Abdul Wahid 1
2 Initial Proposal for A Knowledge Transfer Framework in Preservation of Malaysia Cultural Heritage Razifah Othman, Othman Ibrahim, Siti Nuur-Ila Mat Kamal/td> 8
3 Role of Social Media as A Coping Tool During Pandemic Anas Tawalbeh, Rahayu Ahmad 21
4 Sustainable Business Model for Local Councils’ Smart City Initiatives Ezatul Faizura Mustaffa Kamal, Magiswary Dorasamy, Abdul Aziz Bin Ahmad 27
5 Virtual Team Performance: Do Manager’s Trustworthiness Matters? See Thoe Chee Kong, Manimekalai Jambulingam 36
6 A Crowdfunding Intention Participation Model for MSMEs in Malaysia Through the Facebook Platform Ahmad Amru bin Mohamad Zaid, Ab Razak Che Hussin 44
7 Model To Control Social Media Addiction Among Students in Nigeria Higher Education Institutions Abdullahi Alfa Olayiwola, Mahadi Bahari, Suraya Miskon 54
8 Determinants of Individual Performance in Public Sector Digital Transformation Suganthi Naikkar Subramaniam, Magiswary Dorasamy, Chinnasamy Agamudai Nambi Malarvizhi 64
9 Social Commerce Intention Model in Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria Hamisu Alhaji Ali, Mahadi Bahari, Noorminshah A. Iahad 76
10 A Conceptual Framework for Predicting Online Purchasing Behaviour in E-Commerce Nurul Ain Mustakim, Maslina Abdul Aziz, Shuzlina Abdul-Rahman 85
11 Green Purchase Intention of New Energy Vehicle in China: The Mediating Role of Green Trust and Willingness to Pay More Zhang Jingwei, Manimekalai Jambulingam 94
12 A Social Media Engagement Model for Political Influence Norman Sapar, Ab Razak Che Hussin 104