Journal of Information System Research and Innovation

Jounal of Information System Research and Innovation or JISRI (ISSN 2289-1358) is the official journal of Malaysia Chapter for Information System (MyAIS).
This journal is an open access international refereed journal with an aim on promoting and publishing original high quality research and innovation dealing with fundamental, theoretical, scientific and practical aspects of information systems.

Objetives of JISRI

  • To collect and disseminate information on new and advanced research and innovation in the field of information systems.
  • To cultivate researcher especially from Malaysia to publish their research and innovation for the benefit of institution and society.
  • To provide platform for scholar, researcher, public and private sector as well as society for knowledge sharing, exchange, and usage.

JISRI welcomes submission for high quality research and innovation related to information systems (IS) and information technology (IT) research in the context of strategy, development, adoption, usage, and impact.

JISRI offers biannual publication which on June and December for every year starting 2019.